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Coffee Region: National Park Tatamá & Hot Springs
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Take a journey through the famous coffee triangle to one of the most beautiful national parks Colombia has to offer. Take an unforgettable hike while learning about the renowned Colombian coffee culture and visiting remote coffee villages where time seems to stand still as well as the famous hot springs in Santa Rosa de Cabal.
Guatapé & Piedra del Peñol

Guatapé & Piedra del Peñol 16 Oct 2015 - 01 Jan 2018

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Join us on a scenic drive through the eastern highlands of Antioquia. You can climb the Peñol Boulder, enjoy a delicious typical Colombian lunch on the waterfront of the Guatapé lake-reservoir, explore the lake on a boat ride and take time to stroll and relax.
Hacienda Napoles
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This tour combines the rich history of Medellín with outdoor activities in the fascinating landscape of the mountains of the Eastern Andes. Visit the famous Hacienda Napoles in the tropical lowlands of the Magdalena Medio in the department of Antioquia. This place was where Pablo Escobar, the famous drug baron, had his residence. Nowadays, it is one of the biggest amusement parks in the country.

Jardin – Nature Experience 16 Oct 2015 - 01 Jan 2018

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Discover hidden waterfalls, mysterious cloud forests and get in touch with the pristine world of idyllic mountain villages were time seems to stand still. Visit Jardín, considered the most beautiful village in Antioquia, and the famous Esplendor cave surrounded by a cloud forest.
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Discover the beauty of the Southwest of Antioquia. This is the region that best typifies the traditions of Antioquia thanks to the charm radiating from the coffee plantations, the tradition of the “arriero” (typical coffee carrier) and “carriel” (leather bags) confection as well as other handicrafts.
Santa Fe de Antioquia
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We invite you to explore the cultural treasures of Santa Fe de Antioquia, take a ride through Latin America's longest tunnel and visit the well-known bridge Puente del Occidente. Stunning landscapes, typical Colombian food and the relaxing atmosphere of the countryside are going to turn this trip into an unforgettable experience.
Tamesis - Chocolate & Gold Workshops $ 60,06

Tamesis – Chocolate & Gold Workshops 16 Oct 2015 - 01 Jan 2018

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Meet artisanal gold miners and learn how to extract gold in the sandy banks of the Cauca River. Experience a chocolate workshop on an organic family run cacao farm in the green lush highlands. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the lush green highlands full exotic fruits and cacao trees. Learn more about chocolate production and make your own chocolate.