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All over Colombia Tour 20 Oct 2015 - 01 Jan 2018

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Colombia is a breathtaking mystic country with incredible biodiversity and abundance, a country full of colourful contrasts, vibrant energy, tropical sounds and paradise like landscapes. Explore the natural and cultural treasures of Colombia in a magical round trip of 14 days.
Medellin – Historia de la transformacíon
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Learn more about the city’s transformation after the death of Pablo Escobar. Get to know the innovative transport-system in the poorer neighborhoods at fist hand. Explore Medellin’s newest invention: the electric stairways of the district Comuna 13. Listen to Medellín's dwellers sharing their opinion about the history of the city.
Coffee Region: National Park Tatamá & Hot Springs
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Take a journey through the famous coffee triangle to one of the most beautiful national parks Colombia has to offer. Take an unforgettable hike while learning about the renowned Colombian coffee culture and visiting remote coffee villages where time seems to stand still as well as the famous hot springs in Santa Rosa de Cabal.