Colombian Carnival and Other Festivals

January and February are months of Carnival and many festivals in Colombia. We wanted to share with you today some information about these famous events, part of the cultural heritage of Colombia. Carnival in Colombia was introduced by the Spaniards but it only really began to flourish in the 1800s. Even so, it was not […]

Colombia: 2nd Largest Biodiversity in the World

Many of you probably didn’t know that Colombia has the second largest biodiversity in the world, hosting almost 10% of the planet’s biodiversity. What does it actually mean? In this article we’re going to dig deeper into Colombia’s incredible nature; its colorful vegetation and wild fauna. Colombia’s nature offers everything: wild rain-forests, deserts, white paradise […]


Why Are Colombians So Happy?

Colombians are famous for being really friendly and happy people. According to several investigations and surveys Colombia was named the happiest country in the world in the years 2013 and 2014, and this year earned the second place. You might be wondering why they are so happy? Referring to several blogs and articles, we are […]

green travel

6 Tips to Green Travel

As a traveler you often might not be familiar with local habits and unintentionally cause light harm to the environment. In this post we give you a few tips how you can be a responsible tourist, especially in Colombia. But before, take a few moments to learn how recycling works in Colombia. Recycling in Colombia […]

Colombians’ Reactions to New Hit Show Narcos

Most of you have probably seen or heard about the Netflix hit show Narcos that tells a story of the Colombian town Medellin and Pablo Escobar 30 years ago. It awakens a lot of feelings and opinions among Colombians; in good and bad ways. It is supposed to be a fiction series instead of a […]

Colombia’s Clichés: True or False?

Every country has stereotypes that can be only be proven right or wrong only by traveling and experiencing it yourself. Colombia particularly has a strong image all around the world; in a good and a bad way. It is one of the biggest challenges for Colombia to prove that instead of high level of violence […]

Graffiti Tour: Medellin’s urban art and culture

By Karoliina, a Finnish student and one of our interns The Graffiti Tour is such an interesting way to get to know the city of Medellin. Instead of taking a regular city tour, this is a great way to see the urban street life in Medellin, which you would not normally experience on your own. […]


5 nightlife cultural places in Medellin

Medellin’s nightlife is not just about party The city’s cultural offer is developing and we invite you to discover 5 different cultural places with good music, food and liquor. In these places you can enjoy readings, live music and other cultural activities while doing your regular nightlife activities. La Librería or Este lugar de la […]

Sustainable Traveling: Help us make a difference!

Did you know that… ? Buying products produced far away causes high amounts of GHG emissions. A normal hotel guest uses more or less the same amount of water each night as a small village in a developing country in a whole month. Many tourists in Colombia just visit big cities and stay in areas close […]

Medellin: Second Capital of Tango

Medellin is considered the second capital of tango after Buenos Aires. You can definitively feel the spirit of tango in Medellin while walking through its streets hearing tango melodies at many corners. The International Tango Festival of Medellin From 22 to 28 of June 2015, the “IX Festival Internacional de Tango” takes place in Medellin […]