Community-based Tourism: what is it?

Community-based tourism can be used to describe holidays that benefit both the traveler and the destination. Other terms are responsible or positive tourism, and is all about stepping lightly on peoples homes and cultures and to have a positive interaction between guests and host countries. Travelers today seek more authentic experiences in the heritage and […]

Is metro Medellin really for everyone?

Medellin has the most modern public transportation system in Latin America. It is the fastest, safest and most comfortable way to get around while taking in the spectacular views of the city. Since 1995 Medellin’s metro has been known as one of the flagship achievements of the city, and the Paisa people are very proud […]

El Dorado [The Golden One]

“El Dorado” is a term used by Europeans to define a tribal chief of the Colombian indigenous group Muisca, who during rituals covered themselves with gold dust and then dove into a lake. This old Muisca tradition became the origin of the El Dorado legend. When Spanish explorers reached South America they heard stories about […]

Sports in Colombia

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word “Colombia”? Bicycling is probably not what first comes to your mind. Most people don’t know that bicycling is one of the most popular sports in Colombia. Especially after the triumphs of Martín Emilio “Cochise” Rodríguez in European competitions during the 70s, which […]

Parque de las Luces

During the Pablo Escobar time, tourists would never have dared to go to today’s Parque de las Luces – Park of lights. One of the buildings on the plaza, then called Plaza Cisneros, used to be the drug kingpin’s cartels headquarter. Today the same building is the Ministry of Education. The plaza is part of […]

Best Beaches in Colombia

Colombia is the only country in South America that can come up with coastlines both on the Atlantic and the Pacific. The total of 3200 km of coastline offer beach vacationers numerous great opportunities, perfect for relaxing, surfing and swimming. Whether near the colonial city of Cartagena, the white sand beaches of the island of […]