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The Legend of El Dorado

“El Dorado” is the legend of a hidden city in South America that is completely made of pure gold. The term was used by the Spanish conquistadores to define a tribal chief of the Colombian indigenous group Muisca, who during rituals covered themselves with gold dust and then dove into a lake. This old Muisca […]

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Top 5 Things to Eat when Traveling to Colombia

When traveling to Colombia, they are one of the first things of colombian culture you will get to know: Little stalls of street food selling all kinds of fried delights, creamy drinks or varieties of fruits. As a traveler, you might even not know what kind of food you are exactly buying. However, if you […]

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Learn why Colombians are so happy

Why are Colombians so happy? One of the things that strike most international travelers going to Colombia is the happiness and joyfulness of Colombians. Colombians are famous for being really friendly and happy people. According to several investigations and surveys Colombia was named the happiest country in the world in the years 2013 and 2014, […]

Flower parade Medellin

Medellin flower fair

The flower festival of Medellin takes place every year in late July, early August, and it is considered as one of the biggest festivities in Colombia. A traditional celebration During 10 days, the “eternal spring city” gets extremely colorful, and a multitude of activities, parades, exhibitions and competitions of all sorts are organized. Every year, […]

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How Tourism Is Helping Local Farmers

History We, at Palenque Tours believe that tourism is one of the best ways to make a positive difference in Colombia. In the following video you can see how we are making a difference in the lives of the local farmers that host our Chocolate Tour. The video goes in-depth about the struggles that these […]

Colombian Carnival and Other Festivals

January and February are months of Carnival and many festivals in Colombia. We wanted to share with you today some information about these famous events, part of the cultural heritage of Colombia. Carnival in Colombia was introduced by the Spaniards but it only really began to flourish in the 1800s. Even so, it was not […]