Many travellers coming to Medellín don’t know that the city is also the capital of fashion in Colombia.
Last week Medellin was under the influence of one of the central, annual events:
The 27th edition of Colombiamoda.

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Pictures from: Inexmoda

The event, taking place from the 26th to the 28th of July, represents the largest fashion trade show in Latin America with more than 30 fashion shows, 654 brands and more than 60.000 visitors in the last year.
But it is far more than just a fashion trade show, offering chances for young, innovative entrepreneurs to deepen their knowledge and doing some network activities during the event.
Therefore, the Medellin’s Mayor’s Office and Inexmoda have set up two business development programs called Épica and Origen.

While the first program focuses on 25 entrepreneurs and the development of their businesses, the Origin program refers to 80 entrepreneurs from Cali, Cartagena and Quibdo, in order to promote “designers with different and ethnic contents, which highlight the tradition” (Edwin Rafael Pedroza, brand owner Pico Negro).

Another example of the importance of interconnection in the fashion industry is the Afro descendant culture representation, which also has participated in the event, or the fashion designer Jorge Duque from Manizales with his new collection, which is inspired by tango and the Casa Gardeliana.

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Besides Duque, also other important designers like Mónica Holguín, Johanna Ortiz, Renata Lozano, Lía Samantha, Andrés Pajón and others, have been present at the fashion show, which was declared open by Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos.

Santos praised the development of the textile industry, which nowadays is one of the most important industry segments of Colombia with annual growth rates of about 7%.
Furthermore, he pointed out to new possibilities for the industry through the free trade agreement with Costa Rica and the future of the textile industry, which according to his opinion consists in niche markets.
One of these possible niche markets could be fashion made of sustainable products or materials.
Sustainability already has been one of the main topics of this year’s Colombiamoda, for example the improvement of the production process and the protection of the environment.
Brands like Fabricato and Artextil are pioneers spending on new technologies like machines, in order to save water and avoid contamination.
All in all, as you can see a fashion trade show is not only about the beauties, catwalks and trendy clothes.