The flower festival of Medellin takes place every year in late July, early August, and it is considered as one of the biggest festivities in Colombia.

A traditional celebration

During 10 days, the “eternal spring city” gets extremely colorful, and a multitude of activities, parades, exhibitions and competitions of all sorts are organized. Every year, a large number of international travellers come to enjoy the festival.

This traditional event dates back from 1957 and is basically a manifestation of love for the earth, for the culture and tradition of flowers in Antioquia that became integral part of the development of this region.

Festival’s content this year

This edition of the festival, from July 29 to August 7, received about 115 events and 400 activities. Among the principals we find: The parade of classic and old cars, the horse fair, the flowers and birds exposition, the “chivas” (typical colored vehicles) procession, the dogs and pets ride, the women talent contest, numerous musical shows… etc.

However, the central part of the festival, also the most famous and awaited, is the “Silleteros” Parade where farmers exhibit their floral constructions in the streets, bearing it on their shoulder. Each creation is handmade with the best flower crops of the participants and is evaluated for eventually receiving the price of the most beautiful “silleta”. This year, the Silleteros Parade occured on Sunday 7th of August and more than 500 silleteros were present.


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Although the festival is oficially over since Sunday 7th, the silletas will be exposed during several days so that anyone who had not been able to see the parade can enjoy the works of art afterwards.

Also, this edition of the festival had great innovations, including the “Plaza de las Flores” set up near the “Parque ciudad del Rio” where the regional gastronomy, music, theatre and dance will be shown off.

Ten days of pure celebration, cultural activity and exhibition of typical regional traditions!


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