Medellin is considered the second capital of tango after Buenos Aires. You can definitively feel the spirit of tango in Medellin while walking through its streets hearing tango melodies at many corners.

The International Tango Festival of Medellin

From 22 to 28 of June 2015, the “IX Festival Internacional de Tango” takes place in Medellin and is dedicated to Carlos Gardel. “Antes morir que olvidarte” is the official slogan of the 9th festival edition and means “Rather dying than forgetting you”. The festival gathers musicians, dancers, and tango lovers from all over the world. The program includes 31 concerts, exhibitions, contests, conferences, shows and documentaries.

Carlos Gardel died in Medellin

1935, the famous tango singer Carlos Gardel died in plane crash in Medellin while he was on tour. At this time, tango was quite important in Medellin and took even more importance. First, he was buried in Medellin until his remains were carried to Buenos Aires.

Carlos Gardel’s spirit is still living in Medellin’s streets and various tango bars in its city center where you can have a cup of coffee while listening to some old tango melodies or watching a couple dancing it. You will feel transported back in time. In some bars it is also possible to take dancing classes.

Second Capital of Tango

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