This year, the Summer Olympics take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During the month of August, more than 11.000 athletes from 206 different nationalities participate in this famous event, competing in 41 different sport disciplines. Many travelers from all over the world come to visit this amazing competition – it is a tourism magnet.


The Olympics in 2016

These Summer Olympics have a unique vibe around them. They are the first Olympic games held in Latin America since the year of 1967, and Rio is the first South American city to ever host the Summer Olympics.  A few new sports were added to the program, and also there are first time entrants like Kosovo or South Sudan taking part in the tournament.

Prior to the games, there were some concerns about issues like the Zika-Virus, polluted waters, crime and corruption. Brazil actively tried to alleviate these problems, for example efforts were made to clean the bays in order to reduce sewage and pollution and the security situation was improved by the government. Some of these efforts were fruitful while other matters remained unattended. Although no substantial dangers or reasons to postpone or change the location of the games were identified, some athletes still decided not to participate in the competition based on the mentioned aspects.

But despite the discussions, thousands of sport lovers and fans took their vacations to travel to Brazil and support their compatriots. What many international travelers do not know: Among the South American countries, Colombia is one of the favourites.


Colombia in the Olympics

Of course, Colombia is participating in this major sports event. This time, 147 athletes traveled from Colombia to the Summer Olympics in Rio. So far, Colombias team was able to win three medals, one silver and two gold.

The silver medal was won by Yuri Alvear in the discipline of Judo. The athlete from Valle del Cauca made Rio her highest victory yet. Although she could not reach for gold, the silver medal was an extraordinary success.

The first Colombian gold medal in the Summer Olympics of 2016 was won in the discipline of weightlifting by Oscar Figueroa. After winning the medal in the men’s 62kg class, he burst out into tears out of emotion. The winning lift of 318kg was a result of year-long hard training. Having achieved this personal aim, Oscar Figueroa decided to retire after the Olympics.

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Source:, telemedellí

And on Sunday night, Caterine Ibargüen won the most celebrated medal of the Colombian team. Her leap in the discipline of women’s triple jump earned her the gold medal in Rio. She was the only one to clear the 15-meter mark and proudly celebrated her victory with a giant smile.

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The success of the Colombian team was also celebrated back in Colombia, by locals as well as tourists visiting the country.