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Learn why Colombians are so happy

Why are Colombians so happy? One of the things that strike most international travelers going to Colombia is the happiness and joyfulness of Colombians. Colombians are famous for being really friendly and happy people. According to several investigations and surveys Colombia was named the happiest country in the world in the years 2013 and 2014, […]

Graffiti Tour: Medellin’s urban art and culture

By Karoliina, a Finnish student and one of our interns The Graffiti Tour is such an interesting way to get to know the city of Medellin. Instead of taking a regular city tour, this is a great way to see the urban street life in Medellin, which you would not normally experience on your own. […]

Medellin: Second Capital of Tango

Medellin is considered the second capital of tango after Buenos Aires. You can definitively feel the spirit of tango in Medellin while walking through its streets hearing tango melodies at many corners. The International Tango Festival of Medellin From 22 to 28 of June 2015, the “IX Festival Internacional de Tango” takes place in Medellin […]

Sports in Colombia

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word “Colombia”? Bicycling is probably not what first comes to your mind. Most people don’t know that bicycling is one of the most popular sports in Colombia. Especially after the triumphs of Martín Emilio “Cochise” Rodríguez in European competitions during the 70s, which […]