Colombia’s Best Beaches

Colombia is blessed with thousands of kilometers of coastline, split between the Caribbean and the Pacific. The beautiful Caribbean coast is home to the country’s very best beaches. There are the famous hot spots around Santa Marta and Cartagena, rarely visited beaches in La Guajira with its impressive dunes, and also the less visited Pacific Coast […]

Paramo of Belmira

Colombia’s Mountains: Paramo de Belmira (part 2)

A unique horseback ride and hike in the Andean hills The sleepy village of Belmira was the starting point of our Andean nature experience. At the tiny main square we met our local guide Carlos. To make the experience even more special we decided to horseback ride up the hills and so Carlos was waiting […]

El Dorado [The Golden One]

“El Dorado” is a term used by Europeans to define a tribal chief of the Colombian indigenous group Muisca, who during rituals covered themselves with gold dust and then dove into a lake. This old Muisca tradition became the origin of the El Dorado legend. When Spanish explorers reached South America they heard stories about […]