green travel

6 Tips to Green Travel

As a traveler you often might not be familiar with local habits and unintentionally cause light harm to the environment. In this post we give you a few tips how you can be a responsible tourist, especially in Colombia. But before, take a few moments to learn how recycling works in Colombia. Recycling in Colombia […]

Sustainable Traveling: Help us make a difference!

Did you know that… ? Buying products produced far away causes high amounts of GHG emissions. A normal hotel guest uses more or less the same amount of water each night as a small village in a developing¬†country in a whole month. Many tourists in Colombia just visit big cities and stay in areas close […]

Community-based Tourism: what is it?

Community-based tourism can be used to describe holidays that benefit both the traveler and the destination. Other terms are responsible or positive tourism, and is all about stepping lightly on peoples homes and cultures and to have a positive interaction between guests and host countries. Travelers today seek more authentic experiences in the heritage and […]