Flower parade Medellin

Medellin flower fair

The flower festival of Medellin takes place every year in late July, early August, and it is considered as one of the biggest festivities in Colombia. A traditional celebration During 10 days, the “eternal spring city” gets extremely colorful, and a multitude of activities, parades, exhibitions and competitions of all sorts are organized. Every year, […]

Fashion Medellin, Jorge Duque

Medellín: Destination for fashion lovers

Many travellers coming to Medellín don’t know that the city is also the capital of fashion in Colombia. Last week Medellin was under the influence of one of the central, annual events: The 27th edition of Colombiamoda. Pictures from: Inexmoda The event, taking place from the 26th to the 28th of July, represents the largest […]

Public transport Medellin

Medellin Relaunches Tram Line after 64 years

In light of our recent article on increasing modernisations in the public transport systems  of Colombia; we present the ‘Tranvia’, the latest addition to Medellin’s public transport system. The article underneath describes the history of the Tram line in Medellin. Recently in April 2016 the city board has decided to build another tram line running […]

Paramo de Belmira

Colombia’s Mountains: Paramo de Belmira (part 1)

What’s new about Andean Colombia? In March 2016 the Colombian government declared eight new protected areas in the Andean highlands of Colombia. All of them are considered to be fragile high mountain eco systems called Paramos. Paramos are high mountain habitats just above the forest line and below permanent snowline which, according to scientists, may […]