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  • Coffee Workshop

    I made a tour to a coffee farm in Fredonia with Palenque Tours. Already on the way to the finca our guide told us a lot of interesting stories about Medellin, and also we could learn about Colombia. She was very passionate about the country, and wanted to share as much of her knowledge as possible. When we arrived to the finca, a traditional colombian farmer family was already waiting for us with some snacks and juices. Afterwards we could learn all the process of the coffee making, roasting and preparing. After a traditional colombian lunch, which was freshly prepared by the mother, we even had the chance to taste our own roasted coffees. I’m very glad I went to this tour, and I would recommend it for everyboy else.

    Budapest, Hungary

  • Cloud Forest Tour

    I did a Cloud Forest tour in Alto de San Miguel with Palenque Tours, which was a very nice experience. The guide was very professional and made the whole team spirit work. The hike wasn’t too long and the nature was beautiful, and the traditional picnic lunch packed in banana leaves was just delicious! After swimming in the beginning of Medellin river we visited a wild animal refugee Ainau, where the owner explained us how she works with injured sloths. Very interesting place and definitely once in a lifetime visit. I warmly recommend this tour!

    Porvoo, Finland

  • Awesome tour to a coffe finca close to Medellín

    We ( a family of three ) loved the day tour to the coffee finca. The day started off with a comfortable scenic 2h drive with Daniel. The landscape got nicer and nicer. At the finca we enjoyed a very warm welcome and had a typical breakfast of the area. Then we began the walking tour and learned everything about cultivating highland coffee, followed by roasting the coffee beans. Meanwhile our hostess had been cooking a delicious meal. It was plenty of excellent regional food followed by siesta to relax and enjoy the gorgeous landscape. Next highlight was tasting different kinds of coffee along with detailed information about special methods of brewing it. It was a very entertaining and informative day. Most of all we enjoyed the hospitality at the finca and the company of our driver. We are thankful for this wonderful day and recommend the tour highly. We are just sorry that we did not buy more bags of this excellent coffee which also tastes great at home.

    Regensburg, Germany

  • An awesome day in the countryside with great people!

    I did the one-day coffee tour to Fredonia together with my dad. At the coffee finca they told us everything about coffee plantation and we could even buy our own roasted coffee. We had a great company and felt very welcome at the coffee finca. I would definitely recommend Palenque Tours since they really support locals and their work!

    Munich, Germany

    Melissa Haggerty
  • Awesome tours!

    We had a great trip to the Colombian Chocó in May 2013. The Palenque service could not be more personal: 100 % attention, 150 % useful information and 200 % fun with this fantastic crew. All this includes an insight on what is really going on in Colombia during a unique road trip through beautiful scenery. We took an almost completely unpaved road to the jungle town of Quibdó on the shores of the Atrato River. I jumped at least into a dozen tropical waterfalls . Furthermore we went on a canoe trip on pristine jungle rivers, visited artisanal gold miners, stayed overnight with an indigenous family in the rainforest and visited a totally different part of Colombia that I never ever could have visited on my own. Thank you so much guys!

    Prague, Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic

    Checolombiano L
  • Everything else is just tourism!

    With Palenque Tours I was in Tamesis near Medellin for 5 days, on the Pacific Coast near the little town of Nuqui for a week and I did a one-day city tour in Medellin. Markus and his young team know their stuff. They offer innovative tours that are everything else but “mainstream tourism”. You get to know Columbia and its people, its history, politics and culture from an insider’s perspective and you return home with a broadened horizon. Organisation of the tours was top, prices very affordable. If you are looking for something authentic, I definitely recommend Palenque Tours. All the best for you guys, I will come back! Katja

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Katja R
  • Choco Tour

    „Great time and unforgettable moments at the Pacific visiting local communities. Fresh seafood everyday and the most romantic beach cabin. We were there in whale season and saw them from the terrace of our hotel. The Choco Community Tourism Alliance and Palenque Tours are combining an socially sustainable way and the comfort we want while visiting remote destinations. Visiting Nuqui and the Choco is a different experience but even better when you know that our visit is actually supporting the local people. Highly recommended.“

    Hamburg, Germany

    Andrea V
  • Best Value!!

    Before our trip to Colombia we checked a lot of tour operators in Colombia and Palenque Tours seemed to be the best. And we definitely made the right choice. Everything was perfectly organized, the guide was professional and very kind. Especially on our tour to the Hacienda Napoles and the rio Claro he really showed off with a huge knowledge of Colombia’s history. It was a really fantastic experience and we’ve learned a lot. The rio Claro was then a perfect mix of relaxing and beeing active. I hope we’ll be back one day to see more of that beautiful region. Thumbs up for Palenque Tours.


    Soren L
  • Two excellent tours!

    Palenque organized two tours for us: one to the Pacific coast in Chocó, and a walking tour of Medellin with Marcella Ceballos, a student at the University of Antioquia. The Pacific coast was stunning, the accommodation – La Joviseña in Gauchalito – was a lovely cabaña in a garden by the beach, the trips to waterfalls, thermal springs and mangrove forests were with knowledgeable locals. Marcella Ceballos was a great guide to the city of Medellín, showing us the new escalators and cable cars that have been built to link up poorer areas to the centre, the new libraries, the bustling centre, the older residential areas. She explained Medellín’s difficult past and gave us a lot of hope for the city’s future. Would recommend Palenque to anyone!


    Julia S
  • Two excellent tours!

    We spent five hours with Martin from Palenque Tours learning about Medellin’s transformation from the most violent city in the world into the most innovative. The tour took in a number of places in the city, each with its own story to tell about how things have changed here. It was an excellent experience. Martin was knowledgable, insightful, professional and able to tell us so much about Medellin and Colombia’s history – a really great source of information. His English was impeccable. The tour itself was adapted to our own preferences and this is something that Palenque are happy to do for private groups. We are happy to recommend them to anyone looking for an insightful and bespoke tour in Colombia after our own experience.

    London, England


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