When traveling to Colombia, you will find them on every corner of the street: Little stalls of street food selling all kinds of fried delights, creamy drinks or varieties of fruits. As a tourist, you might even not know what exactly they are selling. However, if you are in Colombia, street food is an essential experience – at the end, you only get to know a country‘s culture by eating its street food! So here are the top 5 must-eats when traveling to Colombia.
What you have to try

Number one on the list: Arepas. You can find them anywhere in Colombia and there are at least ten different types in the country. The typical arepa is made of corn flour dough, mixed with water and salt. It is often served with cheese, but there are also stuffed arepas or arepas filled with egg. Did you know that according to roughguides.com arepas count as one of the best street foods on the globe? (See the map of the worlds’ best streetfood on http://www.roughguides.com/article/interactive-map-the-worlds-best-street-food/).

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The all-day snack: Almojabana. The soft baked cheese bun tastes best when it‘s warm. You can see many Colombians eating it on the go, together with a coffee for breakfast or just as a snack during the day. On your journey to Colombia you should at least try them once!

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A Latin American favorite: Empanadas. In contrast to many Empanadas, the Colombian ones are not made out of bread-based dough, they are made out of cornmeal. The deep-fried or baked little snack is filled with potato, chorizo or veggies.

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The sweet snack: Churros. This fried-dough pastry is sprinkled with sugar and eaten out of a paper bag. Although Churros originally comes from Spain, Colombians certainly know how to prepare them!

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The healthy alternative: Fruit. There is a huge range of different fruits in Colombia, many of which you might not even have heard of! Carambola, Chontaduro, Lulo, Tomate del Arbol… You can find sliced fruit almost everywhere. Delicious and healthy, the best refreshment on a hot day!

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This list could go on and on, there is so much tasty food to discover on the streets of Colombia. When traveling to this beautiful country, it is best to just give it a try and figure out your very own favorite street food. Combined in a travel package by Palenque Tours, you can walk down the streets and let your taste buds explore the culinary world of Colombia. What are you waiting for?