Tours in Colombia

We provide tours in Colombia in three categories. On our daytrips, shorttrips and roundtrips, you will gain authentic impressions of culture, nature and the people of Colombia. You can also join a tour as a single person. Furthermore it is possible to book us for tours according to your individual ideas and for private groups. Our network, jeeps and knowledge about the country enable us to take you to almost every place in Colombia. You can also combine different components of our provided tours at will.
Visit our page on a regular basis because we are continuously adding to our exciting journeys!

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Jerico: Coffee experience in the Athens of Antioquia

Discover Antioquia´s Coffee region and the small picturesque village of Jerico, famous for its 16 chapels, its handicrafts and the manufacture of small leather goods.

Concepcion: The idyllic colonial treasure

A real history and nature experience: The town of Concepción offers historical and architectural heritage surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

Following the Tango Trail

Explore the famous tango culture of Medellin and visit the tango hot spots of the city by following the footprints of tango-legend Carlos Gardel.

Visit an organic Coffee Farm

Experience the authentic coffee-culture of the region visiting an organic coffee farm close to Medellin. Learn about the secrets of a good coffee cup and taste it while enjoying stunning views over the Cauca River.

Nature: Parque Arvi – Hiking in the green lung of Medellin

Close to Medellin-Downtown, up on the eastern hills, the nature-park “Parque Arvi” offers a great opportunity to enjoy a hike in Andean forests. The “green lung of Medellin” is a paradise for those who just want to relax while hiking through the forest and recharge their energy.

Medellin: Fruit-Market & Food-Tour

Experience the hustle and bustle at Medellin´s market “La Minorista”, bargain your souvenir on the nearby fleet-market and learn more about the huge diversity of exotic fruits.

Medellin´s history of transformation

Immerse yourself in the violent history of Pablo Escobar´s Medellin and learn about transformation of the city of eternal spring to one of the most innovative cities in the world.


Discover Medellin – the City of Eternal Spring and the second largest city in Colombia. Experience the rich history of Medellín and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the historic center. In addition to visiting popular sights to offer exciting insights into the lives of the residents of one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country.

Santa Fe de Antioquia: Antioquia´s colonial treasure

Discover the colonial treasure of Antioquia in one of the oldest colonial cities in Latin America. Enjoy a scenic ride through spectacular landscapes of the northwestern mountains of Antioquia and the longest tunnel in Latin America. Visit the oldest suspended bridge in Colombia, one of Antioquia’s most famous landmarks.

Santa Elena: the village of flowers

Enjoy breathtaking views of Medellín, see crystal clear waterfalls and visit typical flower farms in the region. Get to know the origin of the so called Paisa-Culture.

Coffee Region Highlights: Jardin & Jerico (2 days)

Discover the two most important villages in Medellin’s coffee region and learn more about its history, the people´s way of life and the local coffee culture.

Gold, history and exotic fruits: Sante Fe de Antioquia (2 days)

Explore the Western Andes close to Medellin: Learn about the colonial history of Santa Fe de Antioquia, meet local miners and pan for gold in the Cauca River and try exotic tropical fruits.

Eastern Antioquia – Rural Community experience (2 days)

Join us on a mystic journey through the wild mountainside of Eastern Antioquia not far from Medellin. Enjoy countless crystal clear waterfalls, immerse into the traditional way of life of the rural population and walk into the Paramo de Sonson, typical andean landscape unique to Colombia.

Waterfalls, Nature and History (2 days)

Get to more the famous Penol boulder and Guatape and all the crystal clear rivers and waterfalls of the region east of Medellín. The small laid back towns of San Carlos, San Luis and San Rafael are still far away from the paths of mass-tourism and offer an authentic nature and history experience.

The Coffee Region: Jardin – Nature experience (2 days)

Far from mass tourism, Jardin is the capital of Antioquia´s coffee growing region. Discover hidden waterfalls, mysterious cloud forests and get in touch with the pristine world of idyllic mountain villages and take a horse-ride to the famous Esplendor cave surrounded by cloud forest.

Colombia’s Coffee Region: National Park Tatama

Discover the hidden treasure of Colombia´s coffee region. Travel through stunning landscapes to the mysterious cloud forests of the National Park Tatama “The grandfather of the rivers” – and the famous hot springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal.

Northeast Antioquia: Mysterious Caves and Tropical Rainforest

Experience green mountains, wild rivers, tropical rainforest and Rio Alicante’s unique cave system. Get to know the colorful village of Guatapé and enjoy breathtaking views from the Piedra de Peñol.

The Coffee Region: Tropical Cauca Valley (2 days)

Explore pre-Colombian petroglyphs, visit traditional gold miners and laid-back mountain villages in the picturesque Cauca Valley. Explore the river on a kayak and relax on its shores in an idyllic country house.

Escobar’s Hacienda Napoles and Rio Claro (2 days)

Discover Pablo Escobar’s former residence Hacienda Napoles, enjoy the largest theme park in Colombia and explore the breath-taking rainforest and crystal clear rivers of the Río Claro nature reserve.

The Coffee Region: Jardin – Tradition & Coffee (2 days)

Experience the beauty of Antioquias Southwest in just two days – breathtaking landscapes, coffee culture, mysterious cloud forests and hidden waterfalls.

Rainforest like in the Amazon, beaches like on the Caribbean and the warmest people in Colombia (7 days)

Where the tropical rainforest is as lush as in Amazonia, the beaches are more lonely than in the Caribbean Sea and the people are considered to be the most warm in Colombia: The colombian pacific-region.

Colombian Pacific: Community Tourism and Utría National Park (4 days)

This trip is the perfect mixture of nature and cultural experiences surrounded by endless sandy beaches. Hike through mostly undiscovered national park Utria and learn more about the traditional way of life of an indigenous community.

Pacific Coast: Jungle hikes, hot springs and community experience (4 days)

Get in touch with the local communities of the pacific coast and discover beautiful landscapes with jungle waterfalls, mangrove forests and lonely sandy beaches. Relax in natural hot springs and hike through pristine tropical forest.

Uraba: The hidden Caribbean coast

Discover the hidden Caribbean coast of Colombia, where not only lonely beaches but mangrove forests and the biggest mud volcano in Colombia are waiting for you. Observe exotic animals and learn more about the daily life of the local banana-farmers on their cultivations, meet artisanal gold miners at the Cauca River and explore the cultural treasures of Santa Fe de Antioquia.

Choco: Afro-Colombian Culture, Gold and tropical Rain Forest

Join us on a unique journey into the afro-Colombian heart of Colombia. Immerse yourself in the world of the tropical Choco. Discover a “different” Colombia. Explore Andin cloud forests, tropical rain forests, crystal clear rivers, beautiful waterfalls, traditional gold mines, indigenous settlements, colorful afro-Colombian culture and people full of joy.

Antioquia´s Coffee Region – ACTIVE

Experience a unique mix of nature, adventure, pre-Colombian history and authentic coffee culture. Discover mysterious cloud forests, hidden waterfalls, and wild landscapes, and explore the Cauca River by kayak.

Eastern Antioquia: Waterfalls & Rain Forest, Rio Claro & Hacienda Napoles

Green mountains, tropical rain forest, crystal clear rivers, impressive waterfalls, magical villages, pre-Hispanic petroglyphs, Escobar´s Hacienda Napoles and the unique Cañón del Río Claro.

Antioquia´s Wild East & the Coffee region of Caldas

Experience a breath-taking journey through the mountainside of the Central Andes. Discover the mysterious forests of the national park Selva de Florencia, lonesome mountain villages, relaxing hot springs and the traditional living environment of the people, surrounded by picturesque mountain views.

Choco: Journey into Colombia´s Afro-Colombian Heart

Take a unique journey into Colombia´s afro-Colombian heart. Immerse yourself in the world of tropical Choco and experience a “different” Colombia. Andin cloud forests, tropical rain forest, crystal clear rivers, beautiful waterfalls, traditional gold mines, indigenous settlements, the Pacific´s dream beaches, colorful afro-Colombian culture, people full of joy – this tour draws you nearer to the soul of this forgotten region of Colombia.

Tropical Magdalena River, Antioquia´s Wild East & Coffee Region

Roundtrip through Antioquia´s wild east, the tropical Magdalena valley and the mountains of the Central Andes. Experience the ecological and cultural variety of Colombia: National Parks, rain forest, waterfalls, Pablo Escobar´s Hacienda Napoles, colonial Honda on the shores of the Magdalena, the hot springs in Nariño and the evergreen Paramo de Sónson.