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Palenque Social Impact

Tourism is the perfect tool to approach and discuss sensitive topics between our native people and visitors. In fact, it is a beautiful and intricate two-way learning process where one person talks and the other listens, questions, and inescapably learns. For that reason at Palenque, we want to encourage the exchange of knowledge.

We are sure that by acting as a sustainable and ethical tourism company, we will achieve substantial development, without endangering the locals and the environment of The Antioquia and Choco regions. As a result, we aim to set an example and hopefully inspire you to travel to Colombia as a responsible tourist.


We know the various regions of this beautiful and diverse country like the back of our hand, therefore every action we take is in pro of their positive impact on the environment and culture.

Community Strengthening

We don’t work with providers, we work with friends. Consequently, our work will create wealth equity between locals and will help rebuild social structures.

Sustainable Development

We want to help the Colombian regions grow responsibly, with actions such as rebuilding forests, less CO2 emissions, promote ethical travel, all while our communities learn, laugh, and grow together.

Ethical Criteria

We are not just promises and corporate values. In fact, we behave transparently and congruently with our daily thoughts and actions.

Medellin & Antioquia

Explore with us, the vibrant, unique capital of The Antioquia region, Medellin. A rich history of social transformation, and beautiful rolling green hills. As well as Medellin city tours and the local ‘tienda’ that you’ll find on every street corner where you’ll sip on a local beer, to the musical beat of Colombia’s history. In summary, an authentic, abundant experience through the eyes of a local.

Medellin Signature Experiences

Travel in Colombia

COLOMBIA, THE GATEWAY TO SOUTH AMERICA – Our Multi-Day Trips take you on a journey through a land of extremes. For instance, you can find the majestic Andes mountains, snow-covered volcanoes, vibrant tropical beaches lining the North and West, and vast deserts in the North. Equally important there is the Amazon basin that takes up nearly the entire southern half. Thus travel in Colombia with our unique tours!

Destinations for Travel in Colombia

Any special or wildly unique ideas for your trip?

Customize your dream Colombian trip with our knowledgeable travel experts at Palenque.

Why travel in Colombia with us?


Travel in Colombia with quality and professionalism. For instance, our experiences are curated, created, and operated by people that are heeding every detail of your experience.

Easy Booking

Only 3 simple steps for Travel in Colombia with us: First explore the characteristics of your tour, then answer a couple of questions and finish by making the payment using our smart process.

Local Experts

Connoisseurs of our territory and always paying detailed attention to what is happening day by day. Therefore, delve into the abundant environment and the contagious positivity of Colombia’s people and help make a transformation with us. Thus travel to Colombia with the experts!

Inspiration for your next travel in Colombia

Travel in Colombia with Palenque Tours

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