Explore this diverse, fruitful, vibrant, and exotic country, create unforgettable memories you’ll want to
share with your grandkids, hand in hand with Palenque Tours, your local experts.

Colombia, a land of surprises

This country is a footprint of music and gastronomy, where different rhythms and flavors melted together years ago, combining its unique sound, positive energy and legendary ancestral knowledge that still persists to this day. Colombia beats to the sound of its own drum and wherever you go you’ll hear music.

Bring your dream vacation in Colombia to life! Here, where the contagious smiles are never missing, is where you will learn what “Buena Onda” (good energy) really means; something that is felt, not explained.

Our tours

Our tours

Travel responsibly in Colombia

At Palenque Tours we build all our activity around the 2030 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The SDGs and its 169 goals make a call to the government, companies, civil society, and academies to find a compromise with them and adopt these objectives as their own. The SDGs stimulate action at the related spheres with people, the planet, prosperity, peace, and alliances.

At Palenque we are compromised to work for four SDGs:

SDG 1:

No Poverty

SDG 2:

Zero Hunger

SDG 10:

Reduced Inequality

SDG 13:

Climate Action

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