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At Palenque Tours we think every day about the potential impact your travel plans have on the nature and communities of Colombia This is why we are determined to leave a positive footprint through every action of our business.

Palenque Social Impact

Tourism is the perfect tool to approach and discuss sensitive topics between our native people and visitors. In fact, it is a beautiful and intricate two-way learning process where one person talks and the other listens, questions, and inescapably learns. For that reason at Palenque, we want to encourage the exchange of knowledge.

We are sure that by acting as a sustainable and ethical tourism company, we will achieve substantial development, without endangering the locals and the environment of The Antioquia and Choco regions. As a result, we aim to set an example and hopefully inspire you to travel to Colombia as a responsible tourist.


We know the various regions of this beautiful and diverse country like the back of our hand, therefore every action we take is in pro of their positive impact on the environment and culture.

Community Strengthening

We don’t work with providers, we work with friends. Consequently, our work will create wealth equity between locals and will help rebuild social structures.

Sustainable Development

We want to help the Colombian regions grow responsibly, with actions such as rebuilding forests, less CO2 emissions, promote ethical travel, all while our communities learn, laugh, and grow together.

Ethical Criteria

We are not just promises and corporate values. In fact, we behave transparently and congruently with our daily thoughts and actions.

Our Actions And Goals

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Palenque Tours is fully committed to responsible tourism. It has been certified by one of the most recognized international experts regarding sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The TourCert label commits us to continually improve the environmental aspects, labor conditions, client information, as well as to establish fair trade relations.

The Projects And Local Communities

Know the projects and communities we work with

Chocó Community Tourism Alliance

The Chocó Community Tourism Alliance is a project led by Palenque Tours that gathers 4 districts of Nuquí, Coquí, Joví, Termales and Playa Blanca. The purpose of touristic plans led by locals in their natural settings is that local communities and organizations will benefit and generate responsible, sustainable income for the region while promoting the care of the environment and a culture of balanced leadership.

Casa Kolacho

Casa Kolacho is a project in, what was formerly known as Medellín´s most dangerous neighborhood, the Comuna 13. Today, it is internationally recognized as an example of how innovative urban regeneration projects can be used to transform and revitalize communities.

Asofagua (Asociación de Familias Guardabosques)

Asofagua, a United Nations program, receives displaced families in Antioquia and helps them to work in the production and commercialization of cacao. Families get help and support through different projects based on agroforestry

Our values + Mission

Now , our values are our guide to help decide whether something is good or not and if our actions are correct or not. We are driven by:

Our Global Compromise with the United Nations SDGS

Our big and final objective is to inspire and change the lives of travelers and locals through customized, sustainable travel solutions, creating social impact; with the compromise to act under ethical criteria, responsibly and consistently.

All our actions take place in Colombia, nonetheless, we would like that in any way possible this impact also adds value globally. Hence, our macroeconomic guide is the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the UN. We are aligned with four of them:

SDG 1:

No Poverty

SDG 2:

Zero Hunger

SDG 10:

Reduced Inequality

SDG 13:

Climate Action

The Palenque Story

The genuine kindness of the people and the sheer beauty of the landscape gave us no choice but to fall in love with the region, thus in 2011 Markus Jobi began Palenque Tours in an effort to combine ecological and cultural tourism in the City of Medellin and the Antioquia and Chocó regions. While the business was developed, we saw that the tourism industry acted as a tool to show the human side of the conflict, and began to be an open and safe place to discuss any delicate topic without judgment. Tourism was for the local communities an alternative option of income, and an alternative path to protect and conserve its cultural heritage, traditions, and fragile ecosystems. In this way, Palenque Tours moved forward with concrete actions and now is part of the ACOTUR guild, the association of Colombian travel companies dedicated to sustainable tourism. Additionally, in 2017 the company successfully completed the process of an international certification in tourist sustainability. The same year it was approved by TOURCERT, an international German certifier recognized for its social, environmental, and cultural high standards. Today, the activities offered are private, customized, and have a positive social and cultural impact clearly defined and articulated.

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